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Wu Lin Feng (simplified Chinese: 武林风; traditional Chinese: 武林風; pinyin: wǔ lín fēng) is a martial arts competition organised and televised by Henan Television, the official broadcaster of China’s Henan Province. It is the longest running and the most influential martial arts program in China.

Since its first broadcast in January 2004, the programme has achieved an average of 10.7% of audience share, with peak audience share reaching 18%, and it has a market share of 23% against its direct competitors. In 2013, it was ranked among the top 100 most viewed satellite and cable television programs in China.

Since 2007, WLF has expanded internationally by cooperating with eminent mixed martial arts organisations around the globe, hosting various types of mixed martial arts competitions domestically and abroad aperiodically every year. The prizefighters from America, Muay Thai Prince from Thailand, the King of Karate, Black-Belt Taekwondo, Judo proficient, the King of Boxing from Iran, the master of Sanshou from Vietnam, and most of the free combat elites from China have all shown their talented techniques on the stage of WLF. The six major international competitions between China and America, Europe, Thailand, Iran, Vietnam has formed the trend of periodic annual competitions of WLF. This series of international mixed martial arts combat competitions had made WLF the attentive focus among international martial arts proficient and Kung Fu lovers, the annually held “WLF Global Kung Fu Grand Ceremony” has became the grand occasion in world boxing, the audience rating has always ranked one of the tops on various TV variety show programs.

Since 2007 the competition and the programme have become more international in nature, encouraging challengers from other nations and filming bouts abroad, including in Germany, Holland and in the United State, with spectaculars held in Las Vegas. Participants have included K-1 fighters, mixed martial arts professionals from the United States, Muay Thai champions, and elite wushu and sanda practitioners. The once-a-year champion of champions fights are particularly popular. Fighters who have become famous in China include Cung Le (kickboxing), Liu Hailong (sanda), Muslim Salikhov (sanda), Simon Marcus (Muay Thai), Zhang Tiequan (mma) and Zou Shiming (boxing).